Secure & convenient password manager
Help you remember and fill in

Amazing Features


No ads, no background running
No push, no privacy permissions


PBKDF2 and AES encryption algorithm
Data is always confidential, even for us


Special keyboard helps you fill in easily
Also supports Android 8.0+ and iOS 12 autofill

Any Occasion

Displayed in dark text to avoid disclosure
Does not appear in other methods or system clipboard

Cloud Sync

Support for iOS and Android
Cross-platform, multiple devices

Offline Mode

Support data is stored locally only
Manually create / restore backup files to eliminate your concerns

How To Ensure Your Security?

Secure Encryption

Military grade PBKDF2 and AES encryption algorithms protect your data. You can use Email to login and set a secure master password to create an account.

Local Check

Your data is only encrypted and decrypted locally on the device. Your master password and the key used to encrypt and decrypt data will never be sent to the cloud server, and we will never be able to get this information.

Keep Pure

We always insist on no ads, no background running, no push, no wake-up between applications, no privacy permissions, in order to win the trust of users. Besides the necessary services, no third-party service SDK will be integrated to avoid unknown risks.

Independent Operation

We sell excellent products at reasonable prices without any external commercial cooperation. Because we don't rely on the gray revenue of junk advertising, selling user data and waking up other applications to survive. Always maintain independent operation.

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Not expensive for your security
Continuous and stable revenue can provide long-term and reliable service for every user who trusts us.

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1 Year


10% off

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Due to encryption performance limitations, sorry for low-end phones, such as setting up the master password and PIN will be stuck or no response.